Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Quick-turn prototyping (manual & automated)
  • Medium to high volumes (automated)
  • JIT manufacturing
  • Statistical process control
  • SMT, and through-hole assemblies, including "mixed technologies"
  • Conformal coating services (including urethane, 2-part epoxies, silicon, acrylic and paralyne)
  • Rigid and flex pcb's
  • Mechatronics Assembly
  • Dock to stock builds

Process Capabilities

  • No-clean chemistry
  • Water soluble chemistry
  • RoHS manufacturing
  • Ionic contamination testing
  • High impedance requirements
  • Wave soldering and selective soldering
  • Multiple board finishes including HASL, nickel-gold, and immersion tin and silver
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA) rework, re-balling and inspection services
  • Interconnection and packaging consulting

SMT Assembly Capabilities

  • Single-sided component populated boards
  • Double-sided component populated boards
  • Flexible circuit assemblies
  • Fine-pitched components, including QFPs
  • Plastic, tape, and ceramic ball grid arrays (BGAs)
  • CGA/LGA assemblies
  • Chip scale packages
  • High-density & complex SMT
  • High-density BGAs
  • High pin count interconnect
  • Direct chip attach
  • Chip scale attach

Through-hole Assembly Capabilities

  • Manual/mechanical
  • Semi-automatic insertion
  • Component lead forming
  • Axial component sequencing

Box Build Capabilities

  • Sub-assemblies and complete system assembly
  • Full product testing: digital, analog, RF, mixed technologies
  • Power supplies
  • Full systems integration
  • Dock to stock

Cable & Wire Harness Capabilities

  • Flat Ribbon Cables
  • Grounding Cables
  • RF Cable Assemblies
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Wire Harnesses
  • Discrete Harnesses
  • Power Cords


  • Cable Testing
  • Point to point
  • Full systems testing
  • 'Black Box' Testing

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